MSNtv is capable of downloading Macromedia Shockwave Flash files. So you ask what are these? These files are animations that take a fairly short time to download. They are usually full-screen.

Your MSNtv/WebTV receiver currently only has support for Flash 4.0 animations. The current version of the Flash Player is 6.0, so most Flash animations on the Web won't play on MSNtv because they are encoded in Flash 6.0. On this page you will find animations that WILL play on MSNtv. [They may NOT work on first generation WebTV Classics and DISHPlayers (these units currently only have Flash 3.0)].

REMEMBER: Shockwave Flash files do take some time to load. This time is usually 2 to 4 minutes, so please give some time for the pages to fully load.

NOTICE: MSNtv cannot download Flash files that are very large in size, especially first-gen WebTV Classics. It is best to only download Flash files that are small like about 175KB or less.

My List of Flash Sites:

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