You can use a PS/2 keyboard with WebTV. These are simple computer keyboards. If you go to a computer store they most likely will have a computer keyboard, but you might have to buy the adaptor to make it PS/2. Make sure the keyboard plug is 6-pin Mini-DIN. This is the only type you can use. Just tell the salesperson this and they should understand.

ATTN WebTV Plus Users: Even though the Plus doesn't have a keyboard plugin, you can still use a computer keyboard with the Plus box. Find out how here.

Here is a chart that shows what each PS/2 key is equivalent to on the regular wireless keyboard. Keys not listed below function the same as the wireless keyboard's keys do. This chart is for WebTV Classic users only.

KEY ON PS/2     same as...      KEY ON WIRELESS

F1                              Power

F2                              Favorites

F3                              Search

F4                              Mail

F5                              Find

F6                              Info

F7                              GoTo

F8                              Save

F9                              Send

F10                             Recent
F11                             Options

Page Down                       Scroll Down

Page Up                         Scroll Up

Insert                          Edit

Windows Logo                    Cmd (command)

End                             Back

Back Space                      Delete

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