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for WebTV

I'm always reading requests from WebTV users that want to play online games with their WebTV. Most online games today are Java or Shockwave based. WebTV cannot play any of these types of games.

Well I've found a few sites that have links to WebTV compatible games! That's right! You can play these games on WebTV, and best of all they're fun for the whole family!

Follow the links below and you'll find trivia games, board games, puzzle games, card games and more!

Magic 8 Ball
Ask the Magic 8 Ball any question and it will always give you an answer!
Play Tic Tac Toe against your MSNtv!

(The two games above are on my site. The rest below are on other sites on the Web.)
This site offers free Nevada-style video casino games to play on WebTV!
Shari's Fun 'N Games
Free online games for WebTV
The Dog House
Check out this link to find "Games 4 WebTV"
An arcade-like game.
JavaScript Solitaire
An excellent Javascript version of solitaire that can be played all on the same page without reloading.
WebTV Games
A site that offers links to some great online game sites.
Epyslon Games
This is a WebTV-compatible site that offers games designed specifically for WebTV.

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