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MSNtv only supports two types of chat. One is regular HTML chat (which is slow) and IRC chat. IRC chat is in "real time". So the text is scrolling up the screen as it is posted. So as a person speaks in a room, it automatically shows up on the screen, so there is no reloading of the page required. HTML chats are very hard to find since Java chat is so popular. MSNtv currently doesn't support Java chat.

There are only few IRC commands that MSNtv users can use. Some things we can't do on IRC is DCC chat, view pics, hear sounds, be a room operator etc. etc.

Commands we can use on IRC chat:

You type these commands right in your text box exactly the way they are typed below then just press the return key on the keyboard to start the command.

/whois nickname this would tell you some other info on the nickname (screen name) entered [to use this command to find out who more than one person is, just separate the nicknames with commas and no spaces]
/who this will list all the people in the room
/whois *searchword* This will give you a list of all the nicknames currently on the IRC chat network you are using that include the word typed in the * * (wild cards?)
/whois ? . . . ? The number of ?'s you use is the number of letters you want to search for in the nicknames on the current IRC chat network you are using.
ie. If you typed /whois ??? you will see a list of all the nicknames that are made up of just 3 letters. So the ? marks equal the number of letters in the nicknames.
/topic (your topic) use this to make a topic (NOTE: this seldomly works because you must be the "owner" of the room in order for it to work)
/msg nickname (your message) use this to send a private message to whoever's nickname you typed in, this is similar to the Whisper command except the person you are whispering to doesn't even have to be in the same chatroom as you [to msg more than one person at once just separate their names with commas and no spaces]
/join #roomname use this to switch rooms
/me action this is used to indicate an action
ie. /me yells would show: yournickname yells
/ignoreshows a list of people you are ignoring
/ignore nicknameto ignore everything typed by the nickname entered
/ignore -nickname the "-" symbol is used to cancel the ignore function on the indicated nickname

Connecting to IRC Servers with MSNtv

There are a ton of different IRC servers (or Networks) out there. If you want to connect to one with MSNtv follow the steps below:
  1. Find a server that you want to connect to by clicking here for a list.
  2. Then go to the MSNtv IRC Connecting page by clicking here. Once you get on this page, click on the word "Go To".
  3. You will then see a server input page. Enter in the server and you will be ready to use the server of your choice and you won't be stuck with just MSN Chats!

If you can't figure out my directions above: I can now link you directly to the rooms list of any IRC chat network. Just click on the chat network below to view that network's current public room list. The list of rooms might take 3-5 minutes to load so be patient.

(If you know the name of the channel/chatroom you want to join you can enter it in by clicking on the Enter button found on the chatroom list page. You can search for various chatrooms/channels here.)

Rather chat on MSN Chat? Click here to start chatting now!

Talk City
This chat service uses IRC, but you have to register to enter the chatrooms. It is free to register. You'll find about 500 people chatting in chatrooms with various topics.
This is an IRC chat service made by Net4TV. They even have live broadcasts during chat that you can listen to while you chat with them. Check it out.

MSN Member Directory: Use this to search for MSN Chat profiles. You can also search for people to chat with based on their age, gender, location and more!


IRC NewsGroup
A newsgroup for info on IRC chat
Discussion Groups
Tired of chat rooms? Click to check out all the electronic bulletin boards (newsgroups) you can use.