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Thursday, April 14, 2005
Britney Spears IS Pregnant!
Topic: Females
Ya know a year or two ago Britney Spears was one of the hottest and most talked about celebrities. She was one of the most searched on search engines.

Then she decided to kill her popularity (among men anyways) by getting married. I'm sorry - but she seemed more sexier when she was single. But it seems once she got married things went downhill.

I visit celebrity message boards, and the messages about her are downright nasty. It seems her sexiness has disappeared. There are pics floating around the 'Net that show her wearing awful clothes - and she has even been referred to as "trailer trash".

But now - she's PREGNANT! So we can all forgive her for the unsexy photos that are circling around - or that are going to circle around in the future.

The question is - will she ever be as sexy as she once was? Will she be as popular as she once was? Or will this husband of hers destroy her career? Who knows what will happen. Only time will tell. Do guys still want her to pose in Playboy one day?? Or is she already yesterday's news?

Posted by +@\< at 12:51 AM EDT
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Friday, December 10, 2004
Anne Hathaway Shedding Her Good Girl Image
Topic: Females
In some more movie/celeb news: Anne Hathaway who played the princess in the family movie The Princess Diaries is shedding her good girl image and doing some nudity. Not just topless but full frontal nudity and rumors have it that she shows a lot of her body. The movie you'll see this great nudity in is called Havoc. I think its being released this spring. Now lets hope that the director doesn't decide to cut the scene - like what happened to the Natalie Portman nudity in Closer. Also appearing nude in Havoc is the sexy Bijou Phillips. Of course you can already see her fully nude in the Larry Clark movie called Bully - along with the beautiful Rachel Miner. LOL, ok that's enough nude talk for now folks!

Posted by +@\< at 12:01 AM EST
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Thursday, December 9, 2004
Natalie Portman in 'Closer'
Topic: Females
Natalie Portman is in the new movie Closer playing now in select theatres. Well she filmed a scene where she was completely nude but I've read that the director has destroyed it so no one will ever see it. Natalie is a beautiful actress and of course I wouldn't of mind seeing her naked. There were rumors that she still appears topless in the movie, but I've heard that scene has been removed too. Its a shame when they actually film the scene - and it gets your hopes up - then they decide they want to cut it from the film! Well I've seen a few vidcaps from the movie and she does play a stripper and there are some great shots of her in a thong. Of course, there are candid topless pics of Natalie all over the Internet. If you're interested in seeing them just search for Natalie Portman Nude on Google and I'm sure you'll find them. ;-)

Posted by +@\< at 3:16 PM EST
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Thursday, September 23, 2004
Britney, Oh Britney...
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Topic: Females
You know, I used to think Britney Spears was one of the sexiest pop stars of today. But what is she thinking lately? Better yet, what is she on? What is her idea of rushing to get married, then rushing to end the marriage nearly moments later? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm into her music. I don't enjoy her lip-synced live performances, but she's a beautiful girl. This whole idea of her being a wife though - its not working for me. I'm sure nearly all of her other male fans aren't too thrilled with it either. Let's face it - her male fans aren't listening to her for her singing - they're looking AT her for her sexy image. And does she even know anything about marriage? Look how fast she "falls in love" and gets married! Anyways this latest so-called quickie marriage is now being reported as false because there is no marriage license on file! Apparently one magazine is reporting that the whole thing was faked on purpose. I've also heard that Britney's man was tired of the press constantly following them around so they wanted to push up their wedding to an earlier date. Sure, they wanted to fool us all with a fake wedding! Now I know this is a stupid thing to talk about - but I needed material to write about on here. :-) Seriously though, Britney, wake up, you wanna make it big: you keep that sexy image and drop that "backup dancer" (or whatever the hell he is) wanting your money! To gaze at some sexy pics of Britney check out my collection.

Posted by +@\< at 10:54 AM EDT
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