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Something to Read When Extremely Bored
Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Glitch Filled GameCube Game - BEWARE!
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Topic: Video Games
Just a heads up folks!

Yeah, its been quite some time since last my last entry, but I will try to change that for this summer. I just haven't thought of anything worth blogging about.

I just thought I should pass across this warning though. There is a game for Nintendo GameCube called True Crime: New York City that is filled with glitches. Its like playing a beta version of the game! Apparently they didn't test the game before they released it for sale. I picked up the disc at Blockbuster Video used for $14.99. I thought I was getting a fairly decent deal until I saw the first glitch. After playing it somewhat, and then trying to play it again, it stated on-screen that my memory card was corrupted. WTF?? Corrupted by what? Corrupted by this damn game! That's right! Check out for more info about this glitch filled game. Just search for "True Crime New York City" and click on Reviews. It has been rumored that this game can corrupt your memory card making all your other stored files useless. It is suggested that if you do own this game to use a separate memory card you don't care too much about. I'd hate to lose my saved files just as much as the next guy. So you've been warned. There are some video games out there that sell today that are full of major glitches.

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