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Monday, October 31, 2005
'Saw 2' Review
Topic: Movies
My girlfriend and I decided to go see Saw II on its opening night (last Friday). She seen the first one and liked it. I didn't see the first one, so I only knew a very little about the story. Nevertheless, even without seeing the first one, the second one is quite enjoyable.

Since it was opening night, the theatre was packed with people. The majority of them being teens clearly under the age of 18. I thought this was an R-rated movie? Apparently the rule about having a parent/guardian accompany you if you're under 17 wasn't followed. Oh well. I guess Cinemas today are interested in the money instead of protecting innocent eyes? Obviously since they packed nearly every seat in the rather large theatre (the building has a total of 8 screening rooms). LOL, I don't want to go off on a rant about that, so carrying on... Even though the audience consisted of nearly all young teenagers, they behaved quite well. This is a movie that you need to pay close attention to afterall.

Okay, so the movie opens with this great scene with a guy wearing this spiked mask contraption on his head. Well lets just say he doesn't make it out of it, and we get to see an awesome death. Oh, by the way, I love horror movies. That might be the reason why I liked this movie so much. They don't water things down in this movie. The deaths are quite gory. If you can't stomach gruesome scenes, I'd say stay far away from this movie!

From that scene on we meet a cop who ends up angrily telling his son to go stay with his mom. Those are the last words he gets to say to his son. Later he finds out his son is a part of the game set up by the "killer" in this movie. The reason that's in quotation marks is because this guy hasn't actually killed anyone. Sure he leads them into killing themselves. But he does none of the actual killing. He sets up these scenarios where the unwilling participants in his sick game screw up and end up killing themselves. Of course if they play the game right they would of spared their life and escaped. Lucky for the audience, nearly no one makes it out alive. So the cop finds the killer and tries to save his son. Of course he doesn't pay close attention to the rules of the game, and he ends up putting his son's and his own life in jeopardy!

The ending is not a closed one. In other words it sets up a possible part 3 quite well. And that's all I'm going to say about that. I don't want to give much of the plot away.

If you like horror movies, or like to see gory deaths, I recommend you check out this flick. You might want to do it the proper way and see part one first. I did end up seeing part one right after watching this movie. I have to say I do like part 2 a little more. If you've seen the first one and liked it, I'm sure you'll more than likely like this sequel. Sequels usually get a bad rep because they usually aren't as good as the original. But this one isn't bad at all when compared to the first film.

Posted by +@\< at 9:28 AM EST
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Monday, September 26, 2005
'Just Like Heaven' Mini-Review
Mood:  blue
Topic: Movies
Now I usually don't watch chick-flicks, but I was with a group of people, the majority of them being girls. So we decided to see Just Like Heaven, starring Reese Witherspoon.

This movie is basically a romantic comedy with a few dramatic parts to get the girls (and some sensitive guys) teary-eyed. I didn't find the scenes strong enough to make me tear up though. Although I don't cry much when watching dramatic movies unless the plot is very serious and heartbreaking.

Anyways, Reese Witherspoon's character is a doctor that overworks herself. After working 25 hours straight, her co-workers and boss tell her to take off some time to relax a bit. So she drives home and falls asleep at the wheel crashing into a truck. In the meantime, a guy rents her uninhabited apartment and finds that she is a ghost that appears there. It takes him some time to convince her that she's really a ghost.

The movie has some nice laughs, but I wouldn't say its an excellent comedy. Its an okay movie, but not one worth watching again and again. Of course this might be my opinion because this type of movie is geared towards ladies for the most part.

Donal Logue from the Fox/WB TV series "Grounded For Life" is in the movie as well. He provides some of his brand of humor which adds to the laughs a bit. You may remember Donal first on TV with those crazy Mtv ads. You know the creepy looking guy that drives the taxi around NYC?

Also, a sexy chick that used to have a regular part on the short-lived HBO series, "Mind of the Married Man" has a small part in this movie. She tries to seduce the guy renting Reese's apartment. There's this great scene where she shows up at his door telling him she locked herself out of her apartment. She's wearing these sexy hip-hugging jeans. She walks towards his couch and her ass crack is nearly on display. Damn, she looks great in those jeans! So that scene is clearly the highlight for perverted guys trying to sit through this movie. There's also a scene where she's in a hallway with just a towel. She drops the towel, but since its a PG-13 movie, we don't get to see her backside completely.

Another actor with a small part in this movie is the lead character from the movie Napolean Dynamite. Here he plays a spirtual/hippy type guy that works at a bookstore. You can still see a bit of his Napolean character creep through his performance. Its a nice touch if you liked the humor in Napolean Dynamite.

Overall, Reese Witherspoon looks quite cute in this movie as well. Of course, I found her the sexiest in Freeway and Twilight.

But I'd say if you're looking laughs, watch Napolean Dynamite rather than this movie. Keep in mind this movie is both romantic and comedic with some drama, so if you want full on laughs go for Napolean Dynamite.

Posted by +@\< at 5:22 PM EDT
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