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Ray's Q&A Page

This is the page where I answer various questions. This is a great way for you to learn more about me.

What is my age?
I am 33 years old.

July 12th

Where do I live?
I live in Central New York State.

Shoe size?
size 9


Any brothers or sisters?
Yes, I have a half brother.

What are my interests?
the Internet, building webpages, electronics, playing guitar, watching movies and TV,

When did I start using the Internet?
I started using the Internet at my local library around the end of 1996. The computers had Lynx (text based) browsers that just displayed the text of websites. I used to go there regularly to chat in chatrooms. Then I decided to get my own Net access at home with WebTV shortly thereafter. I suffered plenty of years on WebTV aka MSNtv, until I came to my senses and bought a PC. I currently own a Windows 8 All-In-One PC, Windows Vista PC and a Ubuntu netbook with Verizon DSL (3.0 Mbps). Also sometimes surf the Net on my SONY PSP and my iPod Touch. What can I say? I love tech!

Smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol?
No and No

Favorite cartoon?
South Park

Favorite cartoon character?
Eric Cartman

Favorite movie genre?

Favorite comedians?
George Carlin, Jamie Foxx, Jim Norton, Dave Chappelle, Eddie Izzard, Chris Rock, Denis Leary, Bill Maher

Favorite ice cream?
chocolate peanut butter

Favorite food?
extra-cheese pizza

Favorite sodas?
Mountain Dew, Vault, Dr Pepper
occasionally: Sprite or Pepsi

Favorite fruit drink?
tropical punch

Favorite fruit juices?
orange or grape

Favorite vegetable?
cucumber [I like garden salad]

Favorite salad dressing?

Favorite fruit?
green (white) seedless grapes

Do I play an instrument?
Yes, I play guitar- acoustic and electric.

How can I be contacted? What's my e-mail address?