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A List of Some of the Best Useful Sites on the Internet

Newest Link(s) Added on: January 6, 2009

Use to search for websites on the internet

Electronic message boards to discuss various topics. If you have a USENET Newsgroup reader with your Web browser the following links will work. If not you can read newsgroups online for free at Google Groups.

Discuss everything about movies.
Discuss TV shows and other TV topics
Discuss DVDs and other DVD topics.
Find and discuss free stuff/offers on the Web here.


This site offers it all! Chat, search engine, Maps, free E-mail, plus much more!
Internet WayBack Machine
Check out how a certain website looked 3, 5, even 7 years ago! This site has billions of websites archived as way back as 1996! A great tool for those interested in how the Web looked in the late 90s up till just a few months ago.
Cam Vista
Europe's leading live webcam and webcast site featuring cams throughout England, United States of America, Scotland and Ireland.
Time Cave
Sign up with this free service and you'll be able to send yourself or others reminders via e-mail. You enter in the date and time you want the e-mail reminder to be sent and they take care of the rest!
Get all the latest news online with CNN Online
The nation's newspaper on the Web!
New York Times
Read the New York Times on the Web!
Breaking News from Around the World
Most cities have their local newspaper online. Use this site to search for newspapers in any city of your choice.
This informative magazine hits the web!
This site gives all the latest news and so much more info on the world of computers and electronics.
AnyWho Reverse Telephone Number Lookup
Go here and enter a phone number and this site will give you the name and location of the person or business that has that number!
Adobe's PDF-to-HTML Conversion Site
Can't view Adobe Acrobat PDF files? No problem! Use this site to convert any PDF file to an HTML file for easy viewing!
The online store!! Buy almost anything right here.. on the web!
Search for people, businesses and e-mail addresses for just about anyone in the US
Feel like traveling? Get your map and driving directions right on the net!
An online encyclopedia compiled by information submitted by various Internet users. The information is checked for accuracy regularly.
One Look Dictionaries
Look up any word online.
English Dictionary
An Online English Dictionary.
Online Roget's Thesaurus
An online thesaurus to look for synonyms.
Alta Vista Image Search
A search engine for images. This one gives results in thumbnails with picture size. It also has a filter to block out adult content.
The Weekly Freebie Compilation
A list of free stuff you can get by mail. Updated weekly
The JavaScript Source
The ultimate source for cut 'n' paste javascripts you can use on your webpage.
Books on the Net
Search for books available to read right on the net
"The Ability Utility"- Learn the things that make life easier and/or more interesting
Info Please
The Ultimate Fact Finder on the Web
Research It!
Your one-stop online reference desk
My Virtual Reference Desk
Fact Checker For The Internet
Internet Public Library
A Cyber-Library. Do your research right on the net!
Net Lingo Dictionary
Find out what those internet/technology words mean.
The Web's Online Library
A massive amount of electonic texts right on the net
dMarie Time Capsule
Enter a date and relive history with news headlines, sports headlines, popular songs, prices on milk, gas and more.
Medicine Net
Medical Info w/ an online medical dictionary, first aid info, plus much more useful info.
Virtual Cards
Send a virtual greeting card via e-mail to anyone's e-mail address
Buy books, videos, DVDs, CDs and much more online.
Purchase books, videos and CDs right on the Internet
Interested in Astrology? This is your site! "A one stop adventure into the world of astrology."
A huge site that has loads of information on thousands upons thousands of video games. If you are looking for information on a certain game, chances are you'll find it here. For tips, tricks, and more on the newest games to the oldies (Atari 2600, etc. etc.), you'll most likely find them on this site!
Yahoo! Movies
Find out the latest movies playing at the cinema and what's playing in your area
Movie previews for current and upcoming releases.
Find information on upcoming movies. The site includes images from certain movies. It specializes in movie trailers. Go here to check out online videos of several movie trailers, including upcoming releases!
The site of the popular magazine. Featuring movie reviews, interviews and more.
The site that claims to be "all about movies". It has reviews, trailers and more! All the info on the latest movies in theaters, on video and on television.
Guide to upcoming and current video releases
Movie Review Query Engine
Search for several reviews of more than 26,000 movie titles!
If you have broadband, this site lets you LEGALLY watch TV shows and select full length movies. Quite a nice selection of current shows on network TV to watch right in your Web browser.
Broadband users can watch a variety of shows made just for the Internet as well as some select full length movies.
Clearly the most popular place to go for online video clips. Here you'll find flash video clips of user-made videos, movie trailers, music videos and nearly anything else you can think of. Feel like sharing your own video clips with the World? You can upload your own creations in just minutes!
The DVD-by-mail rental giant now offers unlimited streaming movies and shows to its monthly subscribers at no extra cost. Choose from thousands of movies and TV shows to watch instantly in your Web browser. (NOTE: A Netflix subscription is required. Plans start at around $10 per month and include DVD rentals by mail.)
Go here to get customizable TV listings for over-the-air channels, analog cable, digital cable and satellite TV. You can also search the listings, set programs up to automatically record on a PVR and more! All you gotta do is register for free.
Yahoo! TV
Find out what's on the tube tonight plus more! Includes TV listings.
Guide to tv shows you love - an excellent site that includes episode guides, forums, reviews, news and much more
A great site for information and help about DBS Satellite - Dish Network & Direct TV. It also includes a free message board for discussions. You can also discuss DBS in an another DBS forum here
TVNow - TV and Entertainment Journal
Find out when your favorite stars will be on the tube. This site also includes celebrity interviews, today's TV highlight's and much more!
Rolling Stone
The Rolling Stone magazine comes alive on the web! With news, album reviews, and song samples from nearly any band.
Lyrics Search Engine
Search for lyrics to nearly any song.
BRS Web Radio
Your gateway to every radio station broadcasting on the web

Search For Info on Any Movie/Actor