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The DISHPlayer is a great receiver! Its like a WebTV Plus box with a Dish Network receiver in it! But it's much more than that! Dish Network is a satellite service that offers hundreds of digital channels at low prices. The new DISHPlayer keyboard is better than the old WebTV Plus keyboard. It feels more like a computer keyboard but its not the size of a computer keyboard. The Dishplayer also has games like "You Don't Know Jack" and "Solitaire". TV listings and upgrades are downloaded through the satellite, so they are downloaded much faster than they would be on a phone line. There are also AV inputs in the front rather than the rear (like on the WebTV Plus), so it's much easier to hook up a camcorder and audio source for multimedia e-mail. There's also the TV Pause feature. This lets you pause a live TV program for up to 30 minutes, then watch it right from where you paused it. This feature is great for when you are interrupted while watching TV. You no longer have to miss part of the TV program when the phone rings. The Dish Network part offers 30 different audio channels (if you subscribe to America's Top 100) that play CD quality music. You get the artist, song and album name right on the TV screen. There are so many cool things that the new DISHPlayer offers that I haven't even mentioned! To get more information on this great receiver just click here.

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